© Copyright 2019 PT Moka Teknologi Indonesia. All Rights Reserved.

© Copyright 2019 PT Moka Teknologi Indonesia. All Rights Reserved.

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Develop apps easily with our APIs

 Turn Moka Point of Sale into an Advanced Orderings system using the 

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Advanced Orderings API

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Let's Grow Together by Building on Moka Open Platform

Leverage Moka Open Platform with more than 25.000 merchants to improve your product offering or integrate your existing applications. Provide better values and benefits to our mutual customers and generate new revenue streams for your business. 

App Marketplace

Once your app is integrated and approved, your app will be available on Moka App Marketplace to be explored and utilized by all of our merchants. 

Build Custom Solutions or Any Other Needs

You will be able to integrate Moka to your ERP systems; i.e. pulling data for more detail / specific analysis or implementing any other Enterprise needs. 

Integrate Enterprise Systems

Exchange payment and business data into a single stream of data to make informed decisions faster and more efficient all around. 

Easily Retrieve Library, Transaction & Report 

Create Checkout from Different POS

Obtain Merchant Profile & Customer Information 

Strong and Reliable Security

Featured Use Cases

Receive Orders from Any Channels

Receive orders from any channels on your point of sale directly so you can focus on providing the best products or services to your customers.  

Integrate to Your ERP System

Moka allows you to access all your data so you can integrate it with your ERP system for further analysis or processes within your company. 

Build Custom Solutions for Any Other Needs

Moka has a history of disruptive innovation and now we're providing these tools so you can build custom solutions for any business need. 

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